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The city of Utrecht has a rich history! Not to mention the many historic buildings, bridges, canals, streets and parks, but also the many stories about famous people from Utrecht. Only Sophie, the 19th century housekeeper of the salon, knows the little stories like that of Miss Brouwer. She lived at the Biltstraat 115 and on 9 June 1900 she was killed by a pushy salesman. Or the Party on 19 July 1948 when Utrecht celebrated their 1900 years as a city with a colorful masquerade in the streets, ending at carnival at Vredenburg. Sophie was there and has written down many notes throughout the decades.

Through the old city of Utrecht


Every saturday

Startingpoint is at the Salon van Weleer. The tour begins at 11.00 pm.

€ 5,- each person

At the end of the tour are you welcome in the salon of yesteryear for a cup of coffee or tea, which is included with the city tour.

The walk through the city centre takes anywhere between 90 and 105 minutes, this depends on how Sophie feels on that day. Keep in mind that she is an old woman. It is therefore that no walk is the same. The housekeeper let herself be moved like a green leaf in the soft breeze of the old-fashioned conviviality.

Teams & groups

Sophie is also keen to go walking on a weekday or in the weekends, but Mme. Belle de Fleurdelis (the lady of the Salon van Weleer) will only allow this if there is a group (at least 10 persons). The price is also €5,-per person including a cup of coffee or tea in the Salon of yesteryear. To make a reservation? Call 06-45355966 or send an e-mail to: