Beginning 2018 is the Salon of yesteryear opened: a unique culture place in one of the beautiful historic wharfs on the Oudegracht in Utrecht.

In a relative lee has foundation Gullie; a unique collaboration of theatre-makers, filmmakers, authors and trainers, the last years been working on this new concept: a cultural breeding ground where knowledge, knowledge and experiences sharing and entertainment go hand in hand. In the Salon of yesteryear is the place to be for all kinds of activities from theatre to film, reading and borrowing books, workshops and all kinds of play.

In the Salon are all kinds of innovative culture productions developed in a short period of time. On the website you can endlessly clicking through to the various activities, such as the Live Games (also in Dutchy-English) but also to the world of Sophie, but you will also find all kinds of presentations where you can learn something from, which you can read, watch or listen .

The Salon of yesteryear was born from the idea to be a place where people come together to enjoy knowledge, culture, theatre and a good conversation and is located at the Oudegracht 290 in a beautiful and unique decorated yard cellar. Where the visitor is warmly received and and the hectic pace of everyday life just seems to stand still. Well worth a visit!